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Four weeks of yoga and low carb/keto. When you sign up for the challenge you will receive Module 1 of The Wholefoods low carb/keto transformation.  Module 1 is called prep week and will get you set up for success.  The yoga classes in this challenge are accessible for all levels from beginners to advanced pratitioners.  The classes include: Power Vinyasa, Gentle vinyasa, Alignment Yoga Sculpt (my signature class that will help sculpt your body) and restorative practices.  The mindfulness of yoga will help you stay the course with low carb/keto.

The combination of yoga and low carb/keto are a perfect combination. I am a certified Ketogentic Health Coach and have been teaching yoga for the last 13 years.  Both yoga and low carb/keto have both significantly improved my health and quality of life. However, many people fail at low car/keto because they do not have accurate informaton.  I am excited to share this with each one of you and guide you through this four week challenge with all the information you need to be SUCCESSFUL.  I am not going to go over all the benefits of yoga and of low carb-  there are just sooooooo many.

Each week in the challenge  you will receive:

1) A new low carb/keto Module teaching you new information about the low carb/keto lifestyle. Each module comes with videos and pdf's to support you on this journey.  And, unlike the typcal diet you will NEVER be hungry.  

2) Three new 60 minute yoga classes each week (Alignment Yoga Sculpt, Power Vinyasa and Gentle Vinyasa) I suggest you do the yoga classes in the morning before your first meal.  In addition to yoga, getting outside and exercising whether you are walking, hiking, biking or running. 

3) Separate core strengthening workouts (4), shorter stretch sessions (4)to use after your own cardio or strength training regime AND Meditation sessions (4)

3) Facebook group for the challenge.  Support each other, share recipes and ask each other and Marda questions.

4) Every Monday night of the challenge I will host an FB LIVE for participants.  

5) In addition to my Wholefoods Low carb/ Keto program I will also share some of my favorite "clean" product recipes. 

NOW is the perfect time to do this challenge.  It has been tough "staying home" during Covid 19.  Let me help you exit this challenging time feeling amazing and ready for summer.  

Register Now and get your kitchen and mindset ready for the challenge with the information from Module 1 will be immediately sent to your inbox.  

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