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Whether you are looking to yoga to reduce stress or get into shape Marda will lead the way and you will find so much more in this incredible practice. 

Marda has been teaching yoga for the last sixteen years in the Denver, Colorado area.  She teaches Gentle, Restorative, Chair Yoga, Vinyasa, Power, Alignment Yoga Sculpt (yoga with weights), yoga for athletes and yoga for injuries.

Yoga teacher Marda camel pose
Yoga teacher Marda warrior three

The Power of Yoga

The Power of Yoga encapsulates a transformative journey that reaches far beyond the physical realms. With our name, we aim to communicate not just the sheer might of yoga but the profound, multi-dimensional power it can exert on one's life.

The "Power" speaks firstly to the strengthening and conditioning of the body. Yoga hones your physical vitality, enhances flexibility, and promotes a balanced, agile form. It provides a platform for individuals to challenge themselves, growing stronger with each asana and harnessing their innate bodily potential.

But "Power" transcends the physical. It also alludes to the mental strength yoga fosters. Through deep breathing, mindfulness, and meditation, yoga fortifies mental resilience, cultivates clarity, and enhances focus. It's a tool that empowers individuals to harness control over their thoughts, fostering inner peace and facilitating emotional healing.

Lastly, "Power" evokes the transformative capacity of yoga to usher in positive change. It's the power to foster self-awareness, instigate self-improvement, and cultivate a life marked by balance, harmony, and fulfillment. Through the disciplined practice of yoga, individuals have the power to shape their destiny, creating a ripple effect that reaches far beyond the self, inspiring community wellness, and ultimately contributing to global harmony.

Marda is also a health coach and certified low carb/ Ketogenic lifestyle coach. Through a whole foods ketogenic diet approach she was able to reverse a pre-diabetic diagnosis and solve many stomach issues she has "lived" with for as long as she can remember.


Yoga teacher Marda boat pose


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