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Wrist pain? Here are some exercises to help

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Wrist pain routine:

Improve Flexibility, range of motion and strength in fingers, thumbs and wrists

Each exercise can be done 10x or set a timer to 30 seconds.

Sit with good posture in a chair

equipment : a lighter 1 to 2lb. dumbbell and a heavier 3 to 5lb. Dumbbell

Two everyday rubber bands

5” pool noodle pieces

Two small rubber balls or tennis balls

Flexibility and Range of motion:

1. Thumb tap to each digit, then expand opening hand position

Thumb to index finger, then, open up hand / thumb to middle finger, then, open hand and so on…..

Finger expansion with rubber bands

*place household rubber bands around fingers and thumbs, then, open and close fingers without letting the band come off your fingers.

2. Supination to pronation

*elbows into your sides. Open fingers wide with palms up (supination) and then turn them over, palms down (pronation). In yoga classes try adding this movement in when in Warrior II.

3. Flexion to extension

elbows into your side. Start in extension like you are pressing hands like you are pressing them into a wall (extension). Then, start to gently curl your fingers down and move wrists into flexion. Repeat, starting back in extension.

4. Prayer up and down

start with hands in prayer position. Then, reach hands to sky pressing palms and fingers together.

5. Wrist circles with or without rubber ball

*Do both directions

6. Thumb joint exercises

a. Start with knife hands and thumb pointing to the sky. No movement in hands and fingers. Thumb crosses hand to touch ( or come close to touching) below the pinky finger.

b.Same start as a. And move your thumb straight down to index finger. Up and down.

7. Wrist traction (One hand at a time)

Hold your wrist just below the wrist bone. (right hand over left hand with thumb toward yourself). Gently create traction by pulling the wrist out- creating a little space in the wrist joint for synovial fluid to lubricate the joint; then release and repeat movement.

Same as above except after pulling the wrist, hold position and move the wrist you are working from side to side. (I did not demo this in the routine video)

Strength and Range of motion

8. a,b and c start with both arms supported on your legs)

a. Wrist extension and flexion with lighter dumbbell (lighter weight)

Start with weights in hands and palms facing down. Come into flexion, pause and then move into extension and pause.

b. Radial deviation -hammer curl (lighter weight)

Start in a hammer curl position with your thumb on top of the dumbbell. Rotate up and down

c. Wrist to finger rolls (heavier weight)

Start with palms up. Let weight slowly roll toward fingers and hold stretch. Then, do a curl into flexion and hold. Repeat.

9. Pool noodle or rubber ball (or tennis ball) squeeze

Squeeze. Pause, release and repeat 20 plus times

Never perform exercises to the point of pain! Listen and honor your body. The goal is to recover not to injure.

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