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Posture asanas and exercises

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Check out the entire 60-minute vinyasa practice here.

Today's practice was a full-body vinyasa class with opportunities to level up to appropriate versions of certain postures based on your yoga experience.

The main focus today in many asanas and exercises was posture. When addressing tight (pectoral muscles and shoulders) and weak forces (rhomboids) as a result of continuous sitting.

It is highlighting the specific posture exercises from today's class that address flexibility, mobility, and strength.

The following asanas and exercises are specific to improving and bringing awareness to your posture imbalances. Addressing flexibility, mobility, and strength.

  1. Heart bridge

  2. 2a and 2b. snow angels - stretch tight pectoral muscles and roll shoulders back and down.

  3. Child's pose with blocks in reverse namaste

  4. Anahata- puppy pose

  5. Prone shoulder stretch 5a. Bring knee up towards side 5b. Roll over, bringing the bent knee up and over 5c. Option to keep knee bent or straight and wrap/bind lifted shoulder around back

  6. Superman pullbacks 6a. Reach lifted arms forward and 6b. Cactus arms back, lifting the chest.

  7. Mountain pose- checking in with posture alignment- ears over shoulders, shoulders over hips, hips over knees, and knees over ankles and stacking your joints.

  8. Ragdoll shoulder stretch

  9. Table top shoulder openers 9b. Close touching elbows

  10. Downward facing dog

  11. Chaturanga, when done correctly (do not dip/collapse shoulders inward- keep elbow bend less than 90 degrees to prevent dumping into the shoulders.

  12. Twisted low lunge

  13. Crescent lunge cactus exercise. I am mindfully Squeezing shoulder blades together to strengthen the rhomboids. 13a. Reach arms up 13b. Cactus

  14. Humble warrior 14a. Press knuckles to the floor and open heart 14b. Hinge forward

  15. Extended side angle - arm over ear line keeping shoulder integrated into the socket.

  16. Fallen triangle

  17. Arm balances to strengthen shoulders and core. 17a.Side crow and 17b. Astravakasana (eight-angle pose)

18. Dancer pose (Natarajasana)

19. Backbends. 19a. Bridge with shoulder shelf and 19b. wheel (backbend)

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