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Alignment Yoga Sculpt class with Marda

In this 42 minute class you will stretch and strengthen your body using the Alignment Yoga Sculpt method. Light 2 to 5 pound hand weights can be used to sculpt your body from head to toe. Slow, controlled movement and combination exercises make this class a super effective workout. Appropriate for beginners to advanced students.

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More about Alignment Yoga Sculpt (AYS)

Alignment Yoga sculpt classes combine Vinyasa Yoga and Strength Training with a BIG emphasis on slow, controlled, mindful movement. AYS is a wonderful compliment to any Vinyasa practice. Strengthen and lengthen muscles in a mindful way to obtain a lean sculpted physique. Alignment and safe movement with and without hand weights rule in AYS classes.

Combination movements (for example: Crescent Lunge (Anjaneyasana) Lunges with bicep curls or squats with tricep kickbacks) with 2 to 5 pound hand weights can provide a very effective strength training workout hitting all major muscle groups in a highly efficient one hour class.

Functional movement and full range of movement.

AYS is much different than most Yoga Sculpt formats and your heart rate will increase without “cardio bursts” or swinging the weights in a fast, uncontrolled and unsafe manner. Give AYS a try and see the difference yourself.

In addition, AYS classes concentrate on negative muscle movement or eccentric contractions (example: slowly lowering back down from a bicep curl or slowly lowering back down when doing a pushup). It has been proven that you can improve strength during the eccentric phase of contraction just as well as the concentric (muscle shortening) phase.

Benefits of incorporating a AYS class into your weekly routine:

1. Blast 500 calories per class and get that post-burn metabolism kick for many hours after your class.

2. Hand weight exercises will sculpt your body creating definition right where you want it.

3. One pound of muscle uses approximately 30 more calories per day than a pound of fat and a pound of muscle takes up less space.

4. Counteract age related muscle loss that is bad for your heart and can contribute to type 2 diabetes.