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Yoga Sculpt Short: Standing splits and chair pose

Yoga Sculpt Shorts are 10 to 15 minute sessions that will tone your body by utilizing combination exercises to get a lot done fast. Make sure to do a warm up before starting the workout. For example do this after a bit of cardio (walking, running etc.) or do 5 to 10 Sun Salutations. Hint: The start of class is composed of a sun salutation (also called a vinyasa. If you want to warm up- turn off the video until you have down 5 to 10. Grab 3 to 5 lb. dumbbells and a yoga mat for today's practice.

Today's short is composed of combination exercises based on Standing splits and Chair pose. GLUTES 😂

If you are interested in learning how to teach Yoga Sculpt check out this page for Alignment Yoga Sculpt (AYS) Teacher Training.

Want to try a full class? Take a look at this page for many options:

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